Japanese Nuka Rice Bran history in Skin care

In Japan, many centuries ago, the women of rice farming communities who were working in the harsh elements for many hours were prone to have weather beaten skin at an early age if they weren't careful. so it was always important to keep looking for ways to maintain a clear and light complexion, which was highly prized as a bargaining tool to keep them in favour when finding a danna or husband.

It was discovered that the kome nuka or rice bran - the outer husk of the rice grain after it has been hulled - could be used to make a skin softening and clarifying treatment. These days we know that rice bran has many properties to aid smoothing, clarifying, balancing, exfoliating and anti-ageing skin. Of course in those days people didn't use those terms as we do now about skin care but it was generally agreed that after using rice bran the skin felt good, looked healthy, clearer and a shade lighter, giving an impression of being altogether younger looking.